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Motor Club of America (MCA) was established in 1926 and is available for all residents in the United
States and Canada. TVCMatrix is the parent company that manages Motor Club of America and
provides the services, answers questions as well as pays those associates and members who take
advantage of the business opportunity that the company provides in earning referral and residual matrix
income. Motor Club Of America is a membership program established to provide service and
protection to the motoring public. It should never be thought of or referred to as insurance even though
many benefits of membership are paid as reimbursement after filing of a claim by members.
Motor Club of America offers three primary memberships under the Total Security Program

• Total Security Basic for $19.95 per month - Click Here (Most Popular)
Total Security Gold for $29.99 per month - Click Here
• Total Security Platinum for $39.99 - Click Here (Provides Lucrative Residual Matrix


MCA offers a lucrative customer referral program. For any plan that is valued at 19.95 or more
monthly, the company will pay you an $80 advance commission for each referral you make of those
plans. These commissions are paid out to the associate on the Friday of the following week the referral
is made via direct deposit. In order to receive payments, you much either login to your TVCMatrix
account and set up this information (you'll automatically be prompted for this if you've made a sale) or
call TVCMatrix Associate Services and provide them your bank's routing and account numbers.
Payment via mailed check is ONLY available for residents of Canada. U.S. Residents MUST set up
direct deposit. Payment directly to accounts such as PayPal and pre-paids cards is not permissible.
Members must have a U.S. based bank in order to receive direct deposit payments.
Motor Club of America (MCA) offers the Total Security Platinum Membership. This membership
offers all the benefits of the standard Total Security Membership, but in additional offers more benefits
as well as the ability to earn residual income from the Platinum Matrix Profit Sharing Program.
Here is a list of the additional Total Security PLATINUM benefits - Click Here
• Legal Services
• Telephone Consultation and Letter Written for legal personal matters
Discounted Hourly Rate for Provider Attorney of $75 for out-of court cost on personal matter
Deeply Discounted Fees on Legal Services including Name Change, Simple Will and Trust, Waiver
Divorce and Regular Incorporation
• Auto Related Service Discounts
• Discounts on all routine maintenance services at participating location, including brake
work, mufflers, wheel alignment, transmission work and more. Nationwide network of
over 6,000 auto repair shops and service centers including the following
• Jiffy Lube (10% off signature service)
MAACO Paint & Body Shops (10% off paint and body service)
Precision Auto Care ($10 off Lifetime Brake Service)
AAMCO Transmissions (10% off services up to $50)
Meineke Discount Muffler Shops (10% off services)
• and Thousands of other facilities

The most desirable benefit of having a PLATINUM Membership is the MCA PLATINUM MATRIX
INCOME through the MCA Platinum Matrix.

In addition to the $80 you receive when signing up a new member, Platinum Members enjoy a profit
sharing bonus reward system paid as a residual income. This income can yield 4, 5 and 6 digit residual
earnings monthly over time JUST for having a membership with 100% Matching on those your
personally refer and the people that they refer. Just for having people in the matrix regardless if you
personally referred them, or if they were brought in by your up line, or someone in your down line, you
monthly residual income can be over $7,500. With the 100% Matrix Check matching, you truly have

If you personally refer just THREE people to a Platinum Plan, and the next month they do the same,
and this process continues on, within 12 months, you can have a monthly income of nearly $100,000
with the company’s Matrix. You can earn from those on your team below you as well as those above
you. Everyone Wins. If you refer even more, every person provides you an ADDITIONAL 100%
Check match on theirs and their referrals matrix income.

You will also earn 100% Matching Matrix Income on ANYONE your Personally Refer, and on those
people they refer in addition to your own earnings. Matrix Income is paid Monthly to each MCA
Platinum Plan Member on the first Friday on or after the 15th of each month. It is paid on the same
check along with your regular referral income.

There are two lesser popular plans, MCA Security Plus and MCA Security that are still available that
provide less benefits, but are not primarily advertised by the company.

Keep in mind, Platinum income grows over time and is for those in it for the long haul. You can
NOT have a lazy approach and expect to be successful (regardless of if you are a Platinum Member
or not)
You can visit the TVC Matrix for more details and additional documentation on the plans and its
If you are looking to upgrade and become a PLATINUM MEMBER
Click on the SHOPPING tab
Click on the button underneath "MCA TOTAL SECURITY PLATINUM"
If you have questions about this, feel free to contact your MCA Sponsor.